Friends having wine toast at dinner.

Health Could Be a Sip Away

Getting healthy might be the most enjoyable thing you do all year! Not only because it will leave you feeling great, but your path to better health may include your favorite wine. Wine, particularly red wine, is high in resveratrol, a polyphenol compound found in certain plants – like grapes. The effects of resveratrol have…

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The imporatance of being social.

Staying Engaged: The Importance of Social Interaction at Every Age

Social interaction can play a significant role in overall health as people age. Spending time with other people can improve quality of life while offering the support we need. Strong friendships provide compassion, trust and companionship in later years. Here are a few of the benefits of staying engaged as you age. Maintaining “Social Capital”…

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It Really Does Take The Village

Many people live in a community their entire lives without getting to know their neighbors. At The Village at Gainesville, you not only know your neighbors, but they become great friends. By calling our community home, residents gain a team of dedicated associates to help navigate their transition to the community. From introducing residents to…

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Senior woman water coloring class.

Should Creativity Be My New Year’s Resolution?

The start of a New Year often elicits the need for change and a commitment to making this year the best year. These feelings are driven by goals to improve health, advance in a career or improve elements of our social lives. While health and overall wellness are important, maybe the right resolution for you…

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Assisted Living Offers Purposeful Activities.

Assisted Living Offers Purposeful Activities

As you consider a move to assisted living, you may fear having to give up beloved activities. At The Village at Gainesville, we encourage residents to continue the pastimes they love and we offer new activities to try. Assisted Living at The Village at Gainesville is focused on maintaining as much independence as possible. We…

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Stress of the Holidays.

Coping with the Stress of the Holidays

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”… but stress tends to follow. Here are a few tips for limiting your stress during the holiday season and finding joy. Take Time to Plan The best way to have a joyful holiday season is to plan, plan some more, and then plan again. Stress during this…

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Navigating the Emotions of Downsizing

Navigating the Emotions of Downsizing

You have made the difficult and important decision to downsize your life. Often times this decision comes with the feeling of relief. You no longer are shouldering the burden of maintaining a house. But, the process of downsizing your belongings to fit into a new space can be overwhelming. Here are a few recommendations on…

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Traveling during holidays? Stick to your routine.

Traveling During the Holidays? Here’s How to Stick to Your Routine.

This past holiday season, AAA reported a record-breaking 103 million Americans traveling for year-end festivities. Setting aside the stress of delayed flights, long car rides, and last-minute travel plans, the biggest problem this holiday season will be sticking to your routine. You’ve worked hard to build a routine to provide structure, maintain good habits, and…

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Father and daughter discussing health concerns.

Visiting Your Parents During the Holidays: Health Concerns to Notice

The holiday season is a great time to reconnect with friends and family, some you may only have the opportunity to see once year. There’s plenty to talk about and stories to share, but it’s also important to use this time to observe possible changes in your parent’s health. Here are a few changes that…

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Talking to your parents about assisted living

Adult Children: How To Talk To Parents About Moving To A More Supportive Environment.

As an adult child, it can be difficult to look at your parents and offer them advice. Reversing the parent-to-child role and offering assisted living as the “next-step” may be more difficult than you had anticipated. Here are a few suggestions to make the conversation a little easier. Ask Questions About Your Parent’s Lifestyle Take…

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