The key to good health is Vitality.

Residents who feel in control of their own health – and health care – tend to live happier and more independent lives. Our Vitality Program is specifically designed to help you take control of your health and wellness.

Think of our proactive approach as a wheel, with your health at the hub. The spokes are the services we offer. Once you become a new resident, you receive an initial health and wellness assessment, from which we create a customized Vitality Plan. The plan gives you a variety of personalized recommendations, from activities to classes, to optimize your well-being.

We regularly review each resident’s Vitality Assessment and Plan, which helps encourage continued participation and promotes progress.

Other services included in the Vitality Program:

  • Assistance with health care navigation
  • Hospital and rehab program to assist with discharge planning
  • Access to an on-site primary care office
  • Access to an on-site outpatient physical therapy cottage

Our Vitality Program offers a location on our campus for physician services and other medical care.  And we’ve established relationships with third-party providers, including senior specializing primary care services, specialty physician services, rehabilitation and therapy groups, home health care providers and hospice providers.


Services available from third-party independent providers:


Senior Healthcare Center, is outpatient department of North Florida Regional Medical Center, specializing in primary care for seniors.


Mederi Caretenders provides a full array of professional therapy offerings (physical, occupational, speech and massage therapy) on The Village campus in a spa-like cottage setting accompanied by clinical home health care nursing and therapy services.

We embrace vitality – so much so that we created an entire program around it.

Living well goes beyond physical health – it also includes mind and spirit. Which is why our Vitality Program addresses all parts of your life. Rebecca Catalanotto, our Executive Director, explains how we bring that philosophy to life.

Frequently asked questions

A: We want to help every resident live happier and healthier, for as long as they possibly can. So we created this program to help residents manage the unique issues they face as they age. It’s a coordinated collection of services assembled in one place, all personalized to each individual, to complement their strengths and enhance their overall well-being.

A: Our Vitality Staff completes the Vitality Assessment, a wellness assessment that looks at your health, impairments, physical and cognitive ability, quality of life and more. From there, you’ll get a personalized Vitality Plan with a variety of personalized recommendations, from activities to classes, that optimize your health.

A: Assistance with health care coordination, daily check-ins,  24-hour on-call emergency support, access to our on-site Health Clinic for nursing support, assistance with transportation to medical appointments, and much more. As a resident, you have access to all these services.

A: Heavens, no! Participation is entirely voluntary – but more than 95% of our residents do choose to participate. We take this as a sign that they recognize the extraordinary value in the services this program offers them.